• Use reusable containers when possible
  • Recycle bottles, cans, paper, and plastics
  • Use trash containers with tightly fitting lids
  • Adopt a street/site and keep it clean
  • Discourage family and friends from littering
  • Provide adequate trash and recycling containers, place conspicuously and empty often
  • Encourage public officials to enforce the litter laws
  • Report litter violations
  • Support Fayetteville Beautiful with your donations or volunteer for one of our many projects

Our mission is to encourage our citizens to create and maintain a cleaner and more beautiful Fayetteville.

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Results from Our Fourteen Citywide Cleanups:
12,638 volunteers picked up 147+ tons of litter along 216 miles of roadside in less than 3 hours

Results from our April 21, 2018 Citywide Cleanup:
478 volunteers picked up 9,722 pounds of litter


Thanks for creating a beautiful difference!